Wells Granite & Marble’s own brand of quartz has invested in the latest technology and automation to create just the right combination for ultimate solution to your design ideas – our own brand of quartz surfaces are produced with the latest Compaction by Vibrocompresion Under Vacuum technology by Breton S.P.A. (Italy)

Made from 93% natural quartz aggregates (one of the hardest natural minerals), and high quality polymer resins and pigments, Wells Granite & Marble’s own brand of quartz surfaces are produced by the most technologically advanced machinery on the market today. Each slab is made from an automatically pre-calculated formula, synchronized by mixers assuring the best and cleanest mixture, and finally poured into molds to be “vibrocompressed” under vacuum, baked and polished to the final material.

A blending of materials in harmony to produce slabs with a variety of single colour choices, or multi-colour selections full of the rich depth deserving of natural stone.

Wells Granite & Marble’s own brand quartz products have integral solidity and strength, high scratch resistance and durable colour.

Slab Dimensions

The standard dimensions of Wells Granite & Marble’s quartz slabs are 3000x1400mm. Jumbo size slabs are also available with dimensions of 3250x1600mm. Standard thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm & 30mm are available in order to enable a multitude of applications.

Finishing Details

Polished Surfaces

Highly polished, smooth to the touch, vibrant colours, elegant finish and modern design. These are the surfaces of quartz. Our material has a depth and reflective capability that in unmatched, and a clarity that can only be found in the highest quality offerings.

Honed Surfaces

Honed surfaces bring a smooth feeling, stylishness and authentic quality to interior design, and are an endless inspiration to most innovative design ideas. Quartz honed surfaces bring highlight to a particular colour, and bring a feeling of comfortable and gentle space.

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Environmental Standards


ANSI/NSF Standard 51 – Food Equipment Materials granted by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) that proves Quartz products to be safe for food, public health and environment when they are directly contacted. Moreover, the non-porous property of the product surface makes maintenance easier and simpler.


GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality and GREENGUARD Children and Schools granted by the GreenGuard Environmental Institute recognizes that all our quartz products are safe for indoor air quality, children and schools.

All our Quartz products meet GREENGUARD standards. That means, all products are certified to have low chemical emissions, and safe materials for health, home environment, children and schools.


EN 15285:2008 standard under the CE (Conformité Européenne or European Conformity) marking on our products ensures that the products are in conformity with the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives.


Wells Granite & Marble at its’ sole discretion, will warrant any of their own brand of Quartz Surface materials against manufacturing defects and/or material failure, for 15 years from the original date of installation.

This warranty is valid only to the Original Owner of the original residence in which a Wells Granite & Marble Quartz surface has been installed. The option to repair or replace the product will be at the sole discretion of Wells Granite & Marble and will be offered only to the “First Owner of Record” when the warranty was originally registered.

For you warranty to be effective you must have the original invoice.


Warranty coverage will only apply to Wells Granite & Marble’s own brand of Quartz Surfaces and will not cover any other material(s) or products that have been applied, fastened, glued or adhered in any other way to the quartz surface.

Wells Granite & Marble warrants only those materials that have been installed into a residence, permanently into the interior, and have not been moved from their originally installed surface. Any desire to change colour or finish will not be covered under this warranty. Wells Granite & Marble will only warrant material that is installed where the Original Registered Owner is also the primary occupant.

All Wells Granite & Marble Quartz Surfaces must be maintained properly for this warrant to be in effect. Abuse of any kind will void any claim that is made due to defect.

In the event of a claim, you must allow Wells Granite & Marble access to inspect, repair, or replace any issue pursuant to this claim.

We strive to provide the finest quartz surfacing material in the market today. If there should be a failure due to a manufacturing defect, Wells Granite & Marble at its sole discretion may decide to repair or replace the material. Should this condition arise, Wells Granite & Marble will attempt to make such repair or replacement to the best possible result. Exact colour, consistency and shade may vary from slab to slab, and we cannot be held liable to producing the exact match to the original material installed. Any decision that will be made with regard to this warranty will be at the sole discretion of Wells Granite & Marble.


This warranty is for Residential use only.

Wells Granite & Marble Quartz Surfaces are not warranted for any installation outdoors. Direct and constant exposure to the sun may cause differences in the appearance of the material and therefore should be avoided.

No quartz material is warranted against abuse and neglect and Wells Granite & Marble Quartz Surfaces are no exception. This warranty will be considered void if the material is found to have been misused, abused, mishandled, exposed to excessive heat, had chemical damage, physical damage, or any other damage that has resulted from abuse or neglect. Wells Granite & Marble own brand of quartz surfaces are very strong and resilient; however they can be damaged by impact. This warranty will not cover any damage due to chipping or damage from impact to the surface of the material including scratching.

Honed finishes require special maintenance. Wells Granite & Marble cannot be held responsible for any claim for metal marking, fingerprints, or any other normal result derived from daily use of these materials.

Variations in colour, consistency, shade, shape, and pattern distribution within the material are common characteristics within quartz surfaces. Spots or blemishes that occur naturally in the manufacture of the product are allowable if smaller than the size of a dime, and do not affect the structure or integrity of the material in which they are found.

Wells Granite & Marble warrants their material under the guidelines listed above and cannot be responsible for outside factors such as jobsite condition, poor design, expansion and/or contraction of the structure that it is adhered to, vandalism or act of God and shall be held harmless against all actions thereof. Any loss of direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special, exemplary, or punitive damages arising out of use of, or inability to use the quartz surface will not be held against Wells Granite & Marble in any way.

The above represents the entire warranty of Wells Granite & Marble’s own brand of quartz surfaces material and will supersede any other warranty or representation, both oral and written.

EN 15285:2008 standard under the CE (Conformité Européenne or European Conformity) marking on our products ensures that the products are in conformity with the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives.